Hill Street Gifts Ideas & Chocolates
The Cat's Tongue Handmade Tasmanian Chocolates 6 Pack
$22.50 each
The Cat's Tongue Handmade Tasmanian Chocolates 12 Pack
$39.00 each
The Cat's Tongue Handmade Tasmanian Chocolates 9 Pack
$31.00 each
Hill Street Gifts

Discover Tasmania's finest with Hill Street Gifts, ranging from handmade Tasmanian chocolates to premium skincare. The prefect gifts to add onto a fresh flower arrangement, a bespoke hamper or enjoy just on their own. Our curated selection showcases Tasmania’s finest craftsmanship, providing a unique and memorable gifting experience.

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Located within our Devonport, Longford, Sandy Bay and West Hobart stores, Hill Street Home features a carefully curated collection of beautiful flowers, gifts, hand-made chocolates and gift hampers.
West Hobart
Address 70 Arthur St, West Hobart TAS 7000
Phone (03) 6234 6849
Address 42/54 Oldaker St, Devonport TAS 7310
Phone (03) 6127 5355
Sandy Bay
Address 2 Churchill Ave, Sandy Bay TAS 7005
Phone (03) 6240 4881
Address 7a Wellington St, Longford TAS 7301
Phone (03) 6391 1409