Because You Love to Cook Gourmet Hamper

$200.00 each

This is a new hamper in our range ... the perfect gift for your 'foodie friend'!

This hamper contains : Bush dust, Divine Addictions Dukkah, Roaring Forties Tasmanian Cajun Salmon Rub, Pure Purple Garlic Lemon Myrtle Mix, Shima Tasmanian Wasabi powder, Tamar Valley Truffled Salt, Tasman Seasalt smoked sea salt, Forager risotto mix, Spreyton Apple Cider Vinegar, Diluca Lime and Ginger Balsamic Vinegar, Divine Addictions Balsamic/ Olive oil mix, Hill Farm Garlic Canola oil, a rare Tasmanian Huon Pine board and a two pack of Sustomi, Tasmanian made beeswax wraps.

Place of origin

Tasmania, Australia

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