Memories of Tasmania Medium Gourmet Hamper

$100.00 each

If you have been visiting Tasmania, no doubt our island now holds a special place in your heart. Take home a little bit of Tassie with this souvenir hamper of Tasmanian treats. This hamper contains: A box of six handmade chocolates made by Andy Abramowich of the Cat’s Tongue Chocolatier in Huonville, Bear Made Lemon Myrtle Shortbread, Wellington Apiary Leatherwood Honey, Fudge a Fare Chocolate Fudge, Tasman Pepper Berry Sea Salt, Tasman Harvest Sweet & Spiced Cherries, Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Co Tassie Devil Raspberry Jam, Island Berries Fig & Walnut Paste and Tasmanian Meringue Co French Vanilla Meringues.

Please note that if you are sending this hamper to Western Australia, we will substitute the honey for a locally made relish or jam, of equal value, due to WA Quarantine laws.

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