Tasmanian Cheese Lovers Large Gourmet Hamper

$125.00 each

PLEASE NOTE: Due to perishability this hamper is available for delivery only in the greater Hobart and Devonport areas, or for pick up at your local Hill Street store.

Four Tasmanian cheese and some Tasmanian-made accompaniments, as well as a stylish cheese knife and a locally made reusable beeswax cheese wrap make this a great gift for the discerning cheese lover. This hamper includes: King Island Blue, Coal River Farm Triple Cream Brie, Red Cow Organics Persian Fetta, Tamar Valley Truffled Cheddar, McHenry's Sloe Paste, The Tas Biscuit co Parmesan & Pepper Berry Biscuits, Tasman Sea Salt Lavosh Crisp Bread, a Sustomi beeswax cheese wrap and a Laguiole Cheese Knife.

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